1. Who operates Concordia International School Xiamen?

1. Who operates BCIS?

CISX is connected to the Concordia educational system with over 2600 schools worldwide.  There are Concordia schools in America, Canada, Europe, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, and China.  All Concordia schools enjoy a solid reputation in providing excellent, and holistic education to students. Concordia enjoys financial and operational support by Concordia International School of Hong Kong. 

 2. What curriculum does CISX use?

2. What curriculum does BCIS use?

CIXS teaches the New York Curricula, Common Core standards that ensures students' readiness for future university studies. Textbooks and other resources are used that are in alignment with those standards.  You can find out more about the Common Core here:  http://www.corestandards.org/about-the-standards/

3. Is there a discount for more than one child attending?

4. Is there a discount for more than one child attending?

Yes.  While the first enrolled child is covered by the full tuition fee, the second child is offered a 10% discount.  Subsequent children enrolled will receive a 20% discount on the tuition fee.

4. Can tuition be paid in installments?

5. Can tuition be paid in installments?

Our policy outlines that tuition payments may be made on a yearly basis. However, CISX cooperates with various local banks that offer competitive study loans.  

5.  Will students study Chinese at CISX?

6. Will students study Chinese at BCIS?

Yes.  The Chinese language and culture is a compulsory course at CISX.  The instructors are certified and native Chinese teachers, and the classes are designed to meet the curriculum requirements issued by the National Education Committee.

6. What opportunities for further study are available when students leave CISX?

7. What opportunities for further study are available when students leave BCIS?

Upon request, parents are assisted in applying for at seat at Hong Kong Concordia International School and high schools in English speaking countries such as America, Canada, Australia, England, New Zealand, etc.  There are also opportunities to apply and study at schools within the Concordia group of schools world-wide.

7. Can students attend Chinese public high schools after leaving CISX?

8. Can students attend Chinese public high schools after leaving BCIS?

Students can apply to any high school of their interest, however, CISX uses an American curriculum and it may therefore not be the most optional choice for a student to apply for further studies according to the Chinese public system.

8. What after school activities does CISX offer?

9. What after school activities does BCIS offer?

CISX offers a wide range of activities and a variety of learning experiences, led by teachers and staff, as well as, outcomes-based activities are led by outside professionals.  Some of the activities offered include sports, music, art, horseback riding, sailing, fencing, chess, and test preparations.

9. Does CISX have a school uniform?

10. Does BCIS have a school uniform?

Yes.  All students at CISX wear a typical American style uniform.

10. Does CISX provide transportation for students?

11. Does BCIS provide bussing for students?

Yes. Transportation is arranged using qualified and safe drivers.  In addition, each bus has a monitor assigned to help maintain safety and security while on the road.

11.What are CISX teachers like?

12. What are BCIS teachers like?

All classroom teachers are certified and experienced educators from North America.  Teachers hold qualifications in the area they are assigned to teach.  In addition, we employ highly qualified teaching assistants to work alongside teachers in the classrooms.

12. Do students at CISX have opportunities to experience other cultures?

13. Do students at BCIS have opportunities to experience other cultures?

Yes.  CISX accepts students of all nationalities, which promotes a diverse atmosphere on campus.  CISX aims at offering exchange programs and opportunities for others to come to CISX and share their first-hand language and culture with our students.  The school is also a part of the International Interface Program, which facilitates these types of opportunities.

13. How does CISX help in communicating with parents?

14. How does BCIS help in communicating with parents?

CISX includes a parent-teacher association. Office staff and bilingual faculty are ready to ensure effective communication between the school and parents.  CISX administrators are committed to open and transparent communication believing that there is a shared partnership between the school and parents to effectively educate all children.  Translation of documents are provided whenever possible.

14. How many students are you going to enroll for the 2018-2019 school year?
We are enrolling 60 students. Two classes of Grade 1 and one class of Grade 2. Each class consists of maximum 20 students.

15. What subjects will students at BCIS study?

15. What is your class schedule?

Concordia International School Xiamen generally commences on the third week in August and ends on the second week in June. You will find that the HKIS calendar consists of the same number of instructional days as US schools, but the calendar is stretched to accommodate the required local Chinese holidays, as well as some of the major US holidays.

Our classes start from 8:15 am and last until 3:15 pm. CISX is an American International School and we use the CCSS and the New York State Curriculum.  We offer a rich selection of classes, including English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Music, Visual Arts, Physical Education(PE), Chinese and French.  CISX provides a safe and caring learning environment which encourages children to express themselves freely and confidently while engaging in activities of their choice.  

16. Could you tell me about the teachers, I mean, whether they are qualified or experienced, and where they are from?  How do they organize their courses every day?

There are three teachers in one classroom: One is the subject matte expert, the others are teaching assistants.

Our teachers use a blended teaching style that incorporates a facilitator, a delegator, a demonstrator, and American lecturer techniques to ensure that our students acquire latest in-depth knowledge and mastery of a given subject.  However, our teachers also demonstrate creative teaching methods with a focus on group and team work and problem solving activities. Teachers use Project-Based Learning (PBL) and Maker Education to engage student learning.

We ensure international quality teaching through following carefully selected recruitment methods. A majority of our teachers are recommended by the Concordia international school system in Hong Kong. This ensures that our teachers are highly qualified and experienced. They have worked in international schools in many parts of the world, such as Hong Kong, Thailand, the USA and the UK, etc. Other teachers are recommended by our international school group in Xiamen. Concordia International School Xiamen prides themselves on recruiting excellent and experienced teachers which creates a rich and robust learning environment for our students.


17. Do the children have homework? How long time does it take to finish the homework?

Yes, we provide selected and limited homework.  First grade is a crucial year for building reading skills, here students are encouraged to read  at home for 20 minutes on a daily basis.  It is a great idea of parents to ask questions about the story that is being read, to improve a child’s reading comprehension.  

For Grade 2 daily readings at home are also recommended.  

At this age, homework is not occurring every day. However,  Children are encouraged to

spend time with their family and take part in after school activities for pure enjoyment.


18.Do you have any after school clubs?

Yes, we do. From Monday to Thursday, specially trained instructors offer classes such as dancing, gymnastics, tennis, yoga, robotics and reading clubs. During summer and winter vacations, there are other sports options for students to attend, such as, horseback riding, sailing, and football.


19. Could you tell me about their school lunch?

Certainly. A catering company delivers lunch daily to our school and as students enjoy their lunch in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Chinese food is served for three days and western food is served for two days.


20.When should I apply?

You are welcome to submit an application from middle of April. Parents are invited to make an appointment with the CISX admission office at any time.


21.You are expensive

Who do you compare us with? Our higher fees are justified with our modern facilities, one-to-one, personal coaching and smaller classes which enable more qualified and tailored learning in less time, as well as, this implies less homework and minimized stress for a better student health. Our teachers are 100% native north Americans, and a majority bring decades of passion and expertise of how to develop pupils to a more rewarding future. We pay our teachers above average renumeration and we want them to stay with us in the long term and create s special relation with our parents and pupils. Your students get education and personal skills that make them stand-out on future job market which is critical in today’s competitive business environment.


22.Do you offer support for kids with weak English skills?

Yes, we provide additional language training.