Head of Admissions' Welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to Concordia International School of Xiamen. We are not just an American education provider in the region, but also, a community where friends, parents, teachers and administration staff get together to exchange new ideas, changing needs, and concerns, in order to ensure best possible education environment for our students.


While we are selective in our admission process, the school is doing everything possible to ensure that students with greatest potential benefit from the education provided by Concordia International School of Xiamen.


The teaching quality is ensured through rigorous hiring procedures, and, successful candidates have to exhibit an interest, experience and passion for people development. Teaching quality is further ensured by conducting surveys and interviews with parents, teachers and students on a regular basis. Students' progress is carefully monitored by the school through semi-annual and annual tests, together with short-term follow-ups of students' learning progress with the parents.


Smaller classes ensure that each student learns more in less time, which leads to less homework, minimized stress and motivated students. Smaller classes imply that teachers spend more time with each student who therefore obtains individual help as required, together with personalized tasks for a better learning experience.


If you have not visited our school yet, I highly recommend you to contact us below for a campus tour with our friendly and welcoming staff to get a feeling of what life is at Concordia International School of Xiamen and what makes our learning stand-out from competition.


On behalf of the admission team I welcome you to Concordia International School of Xiamen!


Anthony Marc

Vice Principal & Director of Admissions

Contact our admissions team:


Phone: 440-990-4550